Documentary Storytelling Workshop

November 26, 2019

Documentary Storytelling Workshop
with Nic Guttridge

Learn how to create stories that engage and hold an audience. Nic Guttridge, BAFTA shortlisted documentary Executive Producer and Director, lifts the lid on the methods he has developed over his 25 year long career in factual film-making.

The workshop aims to arm documentary film-makers of all levels and experience with tips, ways of thinking and safety nets that will help stack the cards in their favour throughout production, and empower them to tackle their own films with confidence.

What happens:

Section 1: The Big Idea
- How to develop an idea into a ‘strong story’
- The three key elements your story needs to engage and hold an audience
- Exercise

Section 2: Ready to Roll
- How to prepare for a successful shoot
- How to stay in control on location when the story doesn’t go to plan
- The three essential directing tricks that will help you deliver the story you need
- Exercise

Section 3: Owning the Edit
- How to plot a pathway to success in the edit and find the best story in your rushes
- How to develop impact and create a story stronger than the sum of its parts
- Cutting room pitfalls – and how to avoid them

Who is this event for?
This event is open to documentary or nonfiction film-makers of all levels. It’s an interactive session hosted in a small group, so there is plenty of space to ask questions and really get the most out of the session. You can come with a film project in mind or simply come to learn the theories to make your next project a success.

Location & Timings:
Please arrive at 6.15pm so that we can start promptly at 6.30pm. The workshop is structured in three parts with a break. The workshop will wrap at 9.30pm. The workshop is hosted at 'Spaces Fitzrovia', 79 New Cavendish Street, The Harley Building, London, W1W 6XB - in central London. Buzz in on arrival and follow details from reception.

You can’t buy food or drinks at the venue so if you want to bring a snack that’s totally fine.

Address: 'Spaces Fitzrovia', 79 New Cavendish Street, The Harley Building, London, W1W 6XB
Time: 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Price: £55* (*Special introductory offer)

About Nic Guttridge 'The Story Consultant'

Nic Guttridge is an award-winning filmmaker, with more than 100 credits for all major British – and many international – broadcasters. His work spans the breadth of the factual film-making genre: from powerful observational documentaries (including the BAFTA shortlisted ‘Through a Child’s Eyes’) to populist formats (such as a BAFTA-nominated series of ‘Masterchef’).

Over the course of his 25-year career, Nic studied the craft of storytelling and has developed approaches to maximise the impact of a narrative and create compelling work that resonates with audiences and critics alike. Now working as an executive producer and Story Consultant, his methods are helping everyone from online content producers to feature documentary-makers get the best from their rushes – and bolster their reputations.

“His input on structure and the crafting of complex narrative layers helped create a very strong and thought-provoking film, that has now been picked up by Netflix.”
Nick Taussig - Founding Partner, Salon Pictures

“He is very good at creating films that have impact and emotion. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”
Jonathan Stadlen - Managing Director, Knickerbockerglory

“Nic knows how to… connect to people on an emotional level and what universal themes unite us all and make us care. On top of that, he understands how to engage an audience with humour - he’s a brilliantly funny guy.”
Vivian McGrath - Founder, Redback Productions

Documentary Cinema Nights | Bertha Doc House

Bertha Doc House love LDN so they give us an exclusive discount on tickets to a film and LDN are reserving space at a local pub so people can chat after watching the film. For full details, follow us on Meetup. We do these event roughly every other month.

Doc in a Day

Doc in a Day is a filmmaking competition where we create short documentary films in 36 hours!

We don't have a date for the next competition yet, due to the public health recommendations around the Corona situation. Stay tuned!

We gather on the Saturday morning at 10am to network and create teams. At 11am we announce a theme (also published on Twitter and Facebook) and then you have until 11pm on Sunday to shoot, edit and send us your film!

The films are shown at a free screening event where documentary film professionals give feedback on the films and announce a winner and runner up. 

Entry is £20 and that covers both the competition and the screening event.

It's a fun weekend packed with lots of learning and teamwork! Some people come to this competition with years of experience and professional equipment, some make their very first doc this weekend. Doc in a Day caters for everyone! 

You can watch all the #Docinaday films on our Youtube channel:

Hope to see you there, 
LDN team

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