Doc in

a Day

Doc in a day is a filmmaking competition where we create short documentary films in 36 hours!


We gather on a Saturday morning at 10am to network and create teams. At 11am we announce a theme (also published on Twitter and Facebook) and then you have until 11pm on Sunday to shoot, edit and send us your film!


The films are shown about two weeks later at a fun screening event where documentary film professionals give feedback on the films and announce a winner and runner up.

You can watch all the Docinaday films on our Youtube channel: London Documentary Network.

Watch the films

Catch the films from our latest #Docinaday competition here or on Youtube.

The Doc in

a Day Experience

​Hear from some of the participants of the first Doc in a day talk about their experience making a documentary film in a weekend!

It's a hectic weekend packed with lots of fun and learning and teamwork! Some people come to this competition with years of experience and professional equipment, some make their very first doc this weekend, Doc in a day caters for everyone! There are so many skills needed to make a documentary - having a good eye for a story or access to an incredible subject can be just as important as having a good camera. We try to create teams that compliment each other's skill sets.

The Next

Doc in

a Day

We don't have a date for the next competition yet, due to the public health recommendations around the Corona situation. Stay tuned!

We've packed loads more advice into our 'Survival Guide' which you can view below on this page. Keep up to date with us by following us on Facebook and Twitter!