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Doc of the Year Nominees 2015/2016

In the Moment

September 2015

A Doc in a Day film by: Tom Ewbank, Aliana Monodee, Maria Evrenos and Greg Wetherall

Theme: Passion

Runtime: 06:59

In the Moment documents an alternative theatre company in East London who exhaust themselves in order to break down barriers and personal blocks to enhance their performances during a production of Alighieri’s 14th century epic ‘Dante’s Inferno’. The film portrays a passion for live performance and pushing the human spirit to its limits.

Colour Is...


November 2015


A Doc in a Day film by: Alex Wilding, Anisha Mayor, Erwin Rigter and Matthew Bell


Theme: Colour


Runtime: 06:39


Meet Hayley and Olly and welcome to their world of colour association! Colour Is... a film about perception and how these individuals perceive colour. Hayley finds that her condition enhances her life and even influences her choice of clothing. Whereas for Olly colour has meaning but he has doubts over the diagnosis of colour-related conditions.

Black Hole Burger


February 2016


A Doc in a Day film by: Abi Jarvis, Ed Kitchen, Joe Lee, Keziah Mastin, Tasnime Inoptepn and John Ronayne


Theme: Time


Runtime: 04:44


Ever wanted Einstein's theory of relativity cut down into less than 5 minutes using the concept of eating a burger the title suggests...a black hole? Of course you have! Well here it is! This short documentary does exactly that, using the extensive knowledge of Timothy, a Theoretical Cosmologist alongside fascinating, original visuals to describe the concept of time from a scientific perspective.

The Next Move


April 2016


A Doc in a Day film by: Charlie Jaquin, Franco Consalez and Leticia Meruvia


Theme: Movement


Runtime: 04:56


There are parallels between the game of chess and dance and each move can lead to so many different outcomes/possibilities. Amanda, a highly-skilled and experienced chess player describes how the game of chess turns her thought patterns into movement and how it can enhance one's life; it encourages individuals to be decisive and also gives them an opportunity to experiment. Amanda is never satisfied with a mere easy win on the chessboard, she wants to dance!



July 2016


A Doc in a Day film by: Felix Layet-Lecuyer and Tasnime Inoptepn


Theme: Space


Runtime: 05:56


Take a moment and find a space to enjoy this film shot in Paris about Kinesphere; the sphere of space around the human body. Sarah, a dancer speaks of the concept of space and time through movement and how we can embrace and explore our Kinesphere; whether we choose to share it, protect it, flow with the forces of nature or change our energy to go against them. The film moves us through the streets of Paris with imagery of Sarah exploring her own Kinesphere in expressive ways.

Whose Imagination


September 2016


A Doc in a Day film by: Josh Ho, Bethan Stacey and Alex Hyndman


Theme: Imagination


Runtime: 02:51


The question is, what is in the box? This thought-provoking documentary pushes us to consider our view of women, how they are portrayed in the media, what they choose to wear and how that triggers our imaginations. Using actress Nell Hudson as its main subject, the film also takes passers by in a park and puts them in a unique situation. Where does their imagination take them? Why? And most of all, whose imagination?

And what's more, we will also exclusively be screening 'Till Death Do Us Part' a Doc in a Day Spin-off film from our September 2015 'Passion' competition...

'Till Death Do Us Part' was an entry into the Doc in a Day 'Passion' competition back in September 2015 and is a portrait of a horror film obsessive, his creed calls on him to spend every Halloween and Friday 13th watching those movies back to back. But does he feel the need to change and would he give it all up for the love his life?

The three filmmakers Penelope Antorkas, Josh Ho and Oliver Woodward decided to delve deeper into their original Doc in a Day rushes but without the deadline to create something new. It's is a great example of how Doc in a Day can be the start of much bigger projects and collaborations, sometimes we just need that task and deadline to get us going :-)

Till Death Do Us Part will be screened alongside the 6 Doc in a Day winners, followed by awards, prizes and our Christmas Party! Get your tickets here:

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